A method for improving your business

It’s not just about building your tech product. It’s about improving your business. Our unique method The Tech BootcampTM delivers this.

“We didn’t expect to be having high-level strategic conversations with a tech company, The Tech Dept are unique in that regard.”

Nick Munro, co-founder Flutterlab

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What is this method?

The Tech Bootcamp™ ensures what we do - when building your tech product - is what you need. 

- We don’t just ‘take a brief’.
- We act as a strategic sparring partner. 

What we do for you will change based on budget, time and the stage of your journey.

But first we focus on what you need.

Often, for startups, that means breaking the product development into chunks that are delivered quickly, so can make money sooner and have less reliance on investors.

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“The Tech Dept does what we need on a long-term, strategic level… they get what I’m trying to achieve – the final outcome, rather than just thinking about the tech.”

Helen O Donnell, CEO of Children's University

How The Tech Bootcamp™ works


Once we’ve spoken, and understand if we can work together, we offer a free 90-minute workshop.

In this we define your 'North Star' - your direction of travel - in plain English.

We also identify the simplest thing we can do, for the lowest cost, to move you furthest towards your North Star.


Before we start, we create a clear Plan with you.

This will be agreed upfront, including all costs and timings. Once agreed, we have a fixed price. 

And before anything gets built, we agree on the business improvement which we aim to create for you. This is documented in an Improvement Scorecard.


We implement the Plan to the budget and timeframe, working collaboratively with you through the process.


Once the project is live, we return to the Improvement Scorecard and measure if things improved, or got worse. 

Either way, you need to know and take further action.


We repeat the process, solving the most pressing problems in the simplest way.

Moving you, Bootcamp by Bootcamp, towards your North Star.

This way, both of our interests are aligned for the long term. If you win, we win.

Where are you heading?

First, we need to know what you want to achieve. And why.

Without that, you can throw a load of money at clever tech and then go in the wrong direction. We kick start all client relationships with a free workshop (to those that qualify).

We help you establish your direction of travel. And then find the simplest way to move you furthest towards it.

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“Holy shit. I just had a 90-minute meeting which may be the best time I have ever spent. Like actually transformational. I'm so excited.”

Jamie Klinger, Incite Global

“I’d chosen an agency to build my product before I met The Tech Dept. But after the North Star Workshop, I immediately changed my mind. The Tech Dept support what I need, over what they want to sell me – this is unique”

Nohelia Rambal, GoodFind

“We identified a strategic problem that hasn't yet been addressed and is a fundamental threat… that's about as powerful as it gets.

Jack Halsey, Faber Music

The North Star Workshop is like business therapy

Nick Munro, co-founder of Flutterlab

This is business therapy

Melanie Cox, CEO of HQ Therapy (a trained psychotherapist)

Daniel Kirby, co-founder of The Tech Dept™

Where did this come from?

We created The Tech Bootcamp™ method from our experience working with big companies like NBC Universal and Microsoft.

When we applied the method to BBC Children in Need they had a series of record-breaking fundraising years.

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“We wouldn’t have had another record-breaking year without you. Fact”

Head of Digital
BBC Children In Need