We're with you

You want to make an impact in the world. To build a sustainable business that creates positive change. That’s what we want, too. And we get what we want by serving what you want. If you grow, we grow.

As your long-term technology development partner we systematically focus on serving your needs. We don’t just say this – we have a unique and award-winning method (called The Tech Bootcamp™) which ensures we do this.

Our mission is to Do Things Better. We aim to do that every day. For you and for ourselves.

“The Tech Dept don't make me feel stupid because they get what I'm trying to achieve - the final outcome, rather than just thinking about the tech. They do what we need on a long-term strategic level."

Helen O'Donnell
CEO, Children's University

We innovated at the highest level...and then everything went boom.

  • Founded in 2004, we built digital products for large companies

  • We won a bunch of awards and spoke at international conferences

  • We really thought we were hot shit

  • Then on our 13th birthday our growth slowed and we nearly lost everything

  • In that moment, we questioned what we were doing and why

  • So we chose to work with people like us - ambitious founders

  • And we created a unique method - The Tech Bootcamp™ - which ensures we focus on improving your business, not selling you a bunch of unnecessary tech crap

The podcast

In our 18 years in business our failures have been our biggest teachers. That's why we sponsor our co-founder's podcast Honey I Blew Up The Business.

Dan Kirby interviews some of the world’s top entrepreneurs about their worst moments - how they tackled them and what they learnt from them. Being a founder can be tough. This podcast is like a doctoral degree in responding to those tough times.

Listen to the podcast

Dan, The Looks

Entrepreneur for 21 years. 18 years at The Tech Dept. Into creativity and strategy.

Rick, The Brains

Entrepreneur since 1997. Engineer, software developer, technologist. Passionate about fixing problems.

“Properly understood, any new and better way of doing things is technology.”

— Peter Thiel, PayPal founder and Facebook’s first investor