We focus on Improvement First

For almost 20 years we’ve built high performance digital products for world class companies like NBC Universal and Microsoft.

Our team created BBC Children in Need’s fundraising platform and helped them to a sequence of record fundraising years.

Our first 13 years were all about profit - our profit. Awards. International travel. We really thought we were hot shit. But then in 2017 we had a terrible year and almost lost it all. 

We made the same mistake that many technology companies make. We were obsessed with the technology but couldn’t show clients the return. They stopped spending money with us.

This misplaced mindset nearly cost us the business, so we made a commitment to never make that mistake again. This breakthrough saved our business and helped it thrive.

A different way of seeing the world. 

A new mindset: Improvement First

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“The Tech Dept are aware of the pitfalls and things that can go wrong – they’re grounded in reality. You can count on them because they’ve been through the good, the bad and the ugly”

Ali Munro, co-founder of Flutterlab

Mindset into method

‘Improvement First’ is a complete shift in mindset from the rest of the tech world. But a shift in mindset is not enough. 

You need a proven process to deliver improvement time and time again, regardless of the team members involved.

So we turned our new mindset into a method - The Tech Bootcamp™ - that systematically delivers business improvement as a result of the tech products we build.

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Long term games with long term people

Our improvement first mindset - as deployed in The Tech Bootcamp™ method - is a great way to align your long term interests with ours.

Often our first project with you is small. Then we measure what did (and didn't) work. And repeat the process.

If your startup improves, you will see the value in investing more with us. So if you win, we win.

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We employ 16 full time (all UK based), and our people stick around

We don't subcontract work overseas and everything is built by our in-house team. 

Most of our team have been with us over 5 years — some more than 10 years. 

Historically based in Sheffield, remote working has allowed us to find the right people from across the UK. Nick, our most recent hire, lives in Devon. 

Finding a great match for Our Values is more important to us than any technical skill or career experience. We only employ people who are Open, Honest, Caring, Can-do, Reliable, Playful. 

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Our culture supports good mental health and neurodiversity

We even invested in the creation of a mental health not-for-profit; a festival in London which helps you "get ahead without burning out". See our media page for details.

“I have ADHD, and The Tech Dept understands that to get the best from me, and ensure I’m always healthy, I need to work in certain and unique ways”

Joseph Pack, our Director of Growth

“I have always felt encouraged to share my experiences and difficulties, and have the support of a fantastic group of people. It’s because of our open and human culture that I have the confidence to be myself

Nick Mason, one of our Full Stack Developers

The Tech Dept makes me feel valued, I learn from them and they push me to take on new challenging opportunities

Linda Cook, our Head of Business Affairs

“The Tech Dept's mentality has changed the way I approach clients – its not profit over everything and 'sell, sell, sell'. I can build relationships and develop a product I know is going to make a massive difference to them”

Jess Beever, Digital Project Manager

Dan Kirby and Rick Grundy have worked together for over 25 years.


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