Our mission is to help you get what you want from your business.

Your future business is bigger, more profitable and the envy of your peers. We help you make that happen by building innovative custom-made technology.

“I just love The Tech Dept. I think they’re brilliant. I love them as people. They are really easy to work with. From a charity POV – a lot of private sector companies take advantage of us. We’re easy pickings. They bamboozle us. It’s really nice to have found a company to work with who are on the same page and have our best interest at heart. It’s never felt like a transactional relationship. More like a long-term partnership.”

Helen O'Donnell
CEO, Children's University

We innovated at the highest level...and then everything went boom.

  • Founded in 2004, we built a business in trendy parts of London doing innovative tech stuff for big companies

  • We won a bunch of awards and tossed it off at international conferences

  • We really thought we were hot shit

  • Then on our 13th birthday the business blew up and we nearly lost everything

  • In that moment, we questioned what we were doing and why

  • So we chose to work only with people like us - ambitious small business owners

  • And we created a unique process - The Tech Bootcamp™ - which ensures we focus on improving your business, not selling you a bunch of unnecessary tech crap

Our pain, your gain

Since our business blow up in 2017, we've learned a lot and understand how important it is for entrepreneurs to stay grounded. That's why we sponsor our co-founder's podcast, Honey I Blew Up The Business.

In this podcast, Dan Kirby interviews top entrepreneurs about times they had it tough and what they learnt overcoming those situations.

Listen to the podcast

Dan, The Looks

Entrepreneur for 21 years. 18 years at The Tech Dept. Into creativity and strategy.

Rick, The Brains

Entrepreneur since 1997. Engineer, software developer, technologist. Passionate about fixing problems.