Our mission is to help you get what you want from your business.

We do this by building stuff: software, web sites, apps or platforms all designed to fit the precise way you work. Bespoke made so you can do things better every day and focus on what you love. Don’t put up with software salesmen, clumsy online apps and IT guys that don’t get it. Work with The Tech Dept.

“The Tech Dept don’t make me feel stupid, because they get what I’m trying to achieve – the final outcome, rather than just thinking about the tech. They do what we need on a long-term strategic level."

Helen O’Donnell,
CEO Children’s University

Why should you trust us?

  • We've been doing this for 17 years

  • We specialise in working with ambitious small business owners (like us)

  • We have a proven, award-winning, process

  • We are focused on your long-term business improvement, not flogging you our preferred technology solution

  • We're a close-knit in-house team who will build your technology

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We’ve been doing this since 2004

“We wouldn’t have had another record-breaking year without you. Fact”

BBC Children in Need,
Head of Digital

For years we built custom tech for big companies – BBC Children in Need, WWF and John Lewis – but decided we’d rather help companies like us: ambitious small businesses.

We have made a commitment to always help our customers do things better.

What makes us different?

1. We speak plain English
2. We're focused on improving your business, not selling our tech
3. We build everything ourselves
4. We want to work with small business owners - not large corporates
5. We're in it for the long term


Any good business owner knows you have to invest to grow.


If you think you know how to do your own tech, please go ahead.

The unambitious

People that want to sit back with a half-baked business.

Dan, The Looks

Entrepreneur for 20 years. 17 years at The Tech Dept. Into creativity and strategy. Host of podcast about entrepreneurship and overcoming adversity.

Rick, The Brains

Entrepreneur since 1997. Engineer, software developer, technologist. Passionate about fixing problems and host of YouTube show about business tech.