Pragmatic AI for immediate value

In our 20th year we’re launching The Tech Dept AI.

Spearheaded by our co-founder and CTO Rick Grundy, the mission of The Tech Dept AI is to help you pragmatically employ AI to create business value right now.

Our launch product is Q'ify.

Anyone can use ChatGPT to do tasks. But anything uploaded there becomes the property of OpenAI.
Are you going to hire an army of PhDs to create your own bespoke AI?

Probably not.

We think there's a sweet spot between the two.

Leveraging AI tools in a way that's bespoke for you - avoiding IP, privacy or security concerns.

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Question your data
with ease

Our launch AI product - Q’ify - is a great solution for companies with lots of information for customers or employees to understand.

Talk to your data in plain English, ask questions and get responses based on precise insights within your business.

Protect your IP, boost privacy, integrate into your customer experience.

- Digital asset management
- Customer knowledge bases
- Intranets
- Ecommerce Q&A
- Document summarising
- Insights from market research
- Information archives

Bespoke solutions from £10k.

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Two decades at the cutting edge of tech

Founded in 2004, we've built innovative tech for large global clients, including NBC Universal & BBC Children In Need. And helped exciting startups achieve rapid growth.

In 2012, we founded CoLab Partners, a collaborative company laboratory investing in tech startups. Our first investment was Farmkit - eBay for farmers.

In 2015, we won a Cannes Lions Gold Award for
producing world-first experiential technology for John Lewis, alongside Microsoft Advertising.

We created The Tech Bootcamp™ method, which was included as a best practice in The Parliamentary Review of the UK digital sector of 2019.

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