We turn your company into a tech company

We help our B2C small business clients grow like gangbusters with bespoke digital stuff.

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Is your tech doing your head in?

  • Are your team run ragged by complex software?

  • Are your customers getting bad service because of your systems?

  • Can you get the information you want quickly and easily?

  • Have you had your fingers burned by web developers and other tech people?

  • Does anything IT related make your heart sink?

It’s time to blitz your tech problems

At first tech wasn’t essential.

But things changed.

And companies that ignored it went bankrupt.

Now every company needs to be a tech company.

And yet tech remains a riddle. Like a chore you struggle with but never quite master. Don’t struggle sorting that tech out yourself. We’ll come and sort it out for you (with a simple process that’s proven to work).

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Is this your business in the future?

Post It - More Sales


  • You’ve got lots of software but none of works how you’d like it to.

  • Your IT people don’t understand what you want from your business.

  • You dread going into the office to find what’s broken.

  • Inefficiencies are eating into your profit margin.

  • Your data is lost inside your systems.


  • You’re on top of things.

  • Your shit’s organised.

  • Your business is prepared to compete with the newest tech startups.

  • You’re on route to grow like gangbusters.

  • You're prepared to grow internationally.

  • You can take a break in the confidence that your tech will be taken care of.

  • You have bespoke software that’s built to your needs.

We build bespoke digital technology for ambitious small businesses

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“I need to solve tech problems in a stepping stone fashion for potentially decades to come. At each step of the way I see me investing in The Tech Dept. It’s the reassurance that I've got talented, trusted, amazing tech minds behind me, my vision and my business."

Image of Matt Kay
Matt Kay

"We’ve now found someone with expertise and we’re happy with and we’ve got a long-term relationship with. I would definitely recommend you. Without a doubt."

David Brassey
Amrita Nutrition

You deserve to get what you want out of your business.

It's a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Technology can get you what you want or make it harder to achieve.

Our simple process will make sure you get what you want by focusing on improvement first (tech later).

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The simple 5-step process for technology success

Our unique process - The Tech Bootcamp™ - will help you focus on continual improvement, not technology. We'll listen hard to where you want to go and decide the right plan to help you get there.

Then we’ll take action to boost productivity and growth, measuring the improvement it makes to your business performance. Let us be your one-stop partners in tech.

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"You could sort out your
own tech. No bother."

"Like I could fit my own boiler. Just some spanners and screws, isn’t it?

But when the pipes explode in winter and my family freezes, I’ll wish I’d got someone in.

You will too, when your tech breaks and you have to pick up the pieces. Don’t risk it - book a call with us and we’ll sweat the tech stuff so you don't have to."

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Managing Director of The Tech Dept