Wanting a better life doesn't make you an evil capitalist.

If you want to become a billionaire, help a billion people

Peter Diamandis

The world has to change.

Shouting at the government won’t cut it.

If you want to create change create an impact startup.

Impact entrepreneurs turn the selfish world of entrepreneurship into an act of service.

But this has a cost.

90% of startups fail. It’s a lonely path. You deserve the rewards.

Wanting a better life doesn’t make you an evil capitalist.

It makes you motivated.

Making more profit means you can make more good happen.

This is deeply honourable.

You should be looked after, cared for, defended.

Connected with your tribe. To have fun, a laugh, an adventure.

Our mission is to build THE global centre of excellence for impact founders.

The spiritual home for those that want to do a lot of good and make a lot of money.

Share war stories.

Talk shit. 

It will be in our home in the Peak District.

Impact-led founders are the heroes of the 21st Century. A community looking to improve life for all humans on earth.

Helping each other do good at scale.

Join us.

“The goal of a company is to create long term value. To do this one must create value for customers but also capture some of that value”

Peter Thiel

“Money is nothing more than a neutral exchange of value. If people give you money, it’s proof that you’re giving them something valuable in return

Derek Sivers