Saving the founder 20 hours a week...

Automating laborious manual processes gives entrepreneur more time to focus on growth opportunities

Who are Via moto?

Via moto are a Sheffield based motorbike dealership.

The problems they faced before they hired us

Used bikes and trade-ins are a key part of their sales.

Frustratingly, used bikes don't come with professional photography like those sent by the manufacturer of new bikes. Instead, the dealership has to take the photos.

This meant Matthew, founder of Via moto, had to photograph them himself. He was the only one with the skill to do it.

When we arrived at their showroom, Matthew was using a DSLR and a manual turntable to take product shots. He then edited the shots himself and uploaded them to the website.

In his own words "10 bikes took me all week and the quality was shit".

As the founder and operating owner of Via moto, Matthew should be spending his time on high growth opportunities such as new product offerings and marketing activity. Instead, he was stuck in the showroom all week trying to improve the quality of the photos on the site.

Matthew knew they needed to increase sales of used bikes. He could do that by getting the bikes photographed and ready for sales quicker.

How we helped them grow.

We created a custom app to allow an iPhone 13 pro to automatically photograph the bikes.

The app was connected, via bluetooth, to a motorised turntable. As the turntable spins the bike the iPhone automatically shoots both video and still images simultaneously.

It then automatically adds a set of preset filters to ensure the photos are website ready, with the option to edit the brightness and saturation manually.

Next, the app automatically uploads all of the edited images to the website.

You can then scan the number plate of the bike to do an API lookup against the DVLA database to autofill all of the important information about the bike. With the option to manually correct if any of the data is wrong.

Here's an example of how that works:

How did this improve Via moto's business?

Photographing ten bikes used to take all week and they were very poor quality.

Now they're all done in a day and they quality is superb.

The time Matthew and Via moto have saved from this project means they can focus on growth. We're now working on a new project that will separate Via moto from their competition.

Matthew Gilder, founder of Via moto, witnessing the iPhone 13 Pro automatically taking photos of a used motorbike