140% growth in 3 years

How The Tech Bootcamp™ process leads to explosive growth

Amrita Nutrition hired us in 2018 after several agencies couldn't fix their broken website.

Broken website costing them £1000s

Amrita Nutrition hired us in 2018 after their website continually broke at critical points. 

Regular Magento updates would take the website down for several days, costing the company £1000s. This heavily impacted the customer experience leaving the owner to face a barrage of angry calls from clients, while away on holiday. After a while he dreaded going into the office.

They have two types of audience: B2B and B2C. Their old site didn’t allow them to target each audience separately - this was costing them additional money.

On top of all this pain, the site wasn’t set up to provide good enough financial reporting. Instead, they paid an accountant for many hours of manual work to keep track of their monthly accounts. 

They were at risk of going backward.  They had a great business model, but were held back by their technology.

They simply weren’t growing.

Product listing pages (including Shopify editing process on right)

How we helped Amrita Nutrition grow

We delivered our unique process, The Tech Bootcamp™.

This allowed us to work with them to find out their ideas, uncover where they wanted to go and dig into their immediate pains to create a long term plan for their success.

Firstly, they needed to move away from Magento. Two agencies had worked on it and neither could fix it. We decided it was better to start afresh.

We opted for Shopify because checkouts, product updates and financial reporting are built seamlessly into it. We then added custom functionality to the site to tailor it to their specific needs. 

Using Shopify also allowed us to get online, and away from Magento, as quickly as possible. 

Next, we created two separate sites. One for B2B and one for B2C. 

We delivered the B2C site first so they could earn additional revenue from new customers while we did the work on the B2B site.

By following The Tech Bootcamp™ process we ensured the work was on budget and provided a return on investment.

They now have a platform they can trust with no technical problems and a better customer experience.

This gave them the confidence to invest in new team members, marketing and sales to boost their growth. 

New checkout process

140% growth in 3 years

We ran The Tech Bootcamp™ process continually for three years to enhance their technology and boost their growth. This resulted in their business growing from £5m to £12m.

Before we built their new site they were barraged with telephone orders. This is costly compared to ecommerce sales. 

After we switched to Shopify the revenue increased 2.5x but the cost of customer service remained the same. Today, 10% of orders are by telephone. Down from 50% in 2018. This has left Amrita with a much more scalable business.

Not only have they grown into a £12m business, our work has massively increased their profit margin.

Amrita Nutrition has grown so quickly during the past three years that they’re now in a position to build a European team to fast track their global growth.

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