We build tech products for impact-led startups

A “plug-in” tech team – from strategy to code – that works differently to anyone else.

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A unique approach

If you want to outsource your digital product build, you’ve got a few options:

  • Offshore shops and freelancers are cheap, but might build the wrong thing.
  • Consultants give great advice, but can’t build your product.
  • And big dev agencies do great work, but if you’re not a large client you’ll be palmed off to a junior employee.

We've got a unique approach that could be right for you.

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Tech development and strategic sparring partner in one

You want to make a positive impact in the world. And make a good profit.

To do that you need to scale. And to scale
you need good tech. Yet tech teams can make you scream.

We do things differently.

Instead of first asking “what’s the spec”, we understand your vision and why you want it. Then we systematically ensure what we build is what you need, when you need it.

We want you to do good @ scale.

Our method to achieve this is unique and award winning: The Tech Bootcamp™.

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“The Tech Dept are a step change compared to other tech partners”

“We’ve worked with two dev shops previously. It was an awful experience! Understandably, we were nervous taking on another partner. Worried about being let down a third time.

But The Tech Dept have helped us solve all our problems simply. With them, there’s no rubbish around the side. It’s like ‘this is the problem and this is how we solve it’.

It’s so refreshing. Feels like they’re in it with us, rather than previous partners who were in it for the money.

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We’ve grown over 600% since partnering with The Tech Dept. They put our faith back in technical experts.

Clare Baldwin
Co-founder, VaccinationTrack

Who we are

  • Founded in 2004, our mission is to help you Do Good @ Scale.

  • We've built digital products for large impact-led organisations like BBC Children in Need and World Wildlife Fund.

  • Now we focus on impact-led startups - like VaccinationTrack and Flutterlab - who have achieved 100s of % growth while working with us.

  • Our unique method - The Tech Bootcamp™ - helps you invest wisely and see the ROI. It was included as a best practice in the 2019 Parliamentary Review.

  • We've built products for ourselves and others. And invested in tech startups. We know what life is like as a founder.

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“We wouldn’t have had another record-breaking year without you. Fact”

BBC Children in Need,
Head of Digital

Before The Tech Dept

  • You’ve built an MVP but it can’t scale

  • You’ve been burned by tech people

  • You’re distracted from your main skills

After The Tech Dept

  • You have a robust scalable tech product

  • You have a reliable tech team delivering your vision

  • You’re able to focus on your main skills

Make products
people need

Every developer should be able to make products that work, it's the least we expect. But it's not enough.

What separates The Tech Dept from any development agency is The Tech Bootcamp™ method. A systematic way to do the right things at the right time. 

Our method focuses first on improving your business, not just building technology that sounds good but doesn’t help you grow.

We fix the most pressing problems first – no matter how complex (or simple).

In other words, you don’t waste time and money on tech you don’t need.

We often meet founders that were burned by computer-says-no developers and offshore teams. These dev teams built something – but it was the wrong thing. They took the money but no responsibility for the outcome.

We think this is wrong.

Don’t put up with developers that don’t get it.

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