Fixing & rebuilding broken digital products

Don’t risk offshoring or ‘computer says no’ types. We help non-technical founders rapidly grow using our unique ‘bootcamp’ method. Kick off for free in 90 mins, first project from £3.5k.

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Building a tech startup is really hard.

As a founder you should be focused on growth:

  • Not hiring coders that leave after six months

  • Or briefing projects to dev shops who don't get it

  • And the last thing you need is to be the quality controller of some offshore team

Established in 2004, we’re a plug-in tech team for
startups. We'll help you scale your business with the right tech - strategy to code - without your head exploding.

Who we are.

  • Founded in 2004, our mission is to Do Things Better.

  • We built custom technology and innovation projects for big companies – like BBC Children in Need, BAE Systems and John Lewis – but decided we’d rather help people like us: founders.

  • Our startup clients - like QHS and Amrita - have achieved 100s of % growth from working with us.

  • And our proven process - The Tech Bootcamp™ - was included as a best practice in the 2019 Parliamentary Review.

  • We've built products for ourselves, and others, and invested in tech startups. We're entrepreneurs like you.

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"When our backs are against the wall The Tech Dept are always by our side. Doing what needs to be done. A step change compared to the other dev shops we've hired – who literally wouldn’t fix the stuff they broke."

Clare Baldwin
Quantum Health Solutions

No more tech drama

We’ve helped dozens of startups and large companies innovate at the highest level for over 18 years.

Before The Tech Dept

  • Hiring tech people and partners feels risky

  • Your existing technology is not where it needs to be

  • You’re distracted from your main skills

  • You don’t know what you don’t know

  • Feeling pressure from investors and competitors

After The Tech Dept

  • You have an expert tech team working for you

  • One point of contact from strategy to code

  • A robust technology plan and platform built the way you need it (not just us selling our preferred platform)

  • You’re focusing on your main skills

  • You have a long-term partner helping you achieve your mission

Here's how it works


Book a call with us so we can learn more about you. And find out if we’re a cultural fit for each other. We aim to work with people for the long term.

Get on The Tech Bootcamp™

Next you'll do The Tech Bootcamp™ Workshop. A free 90-minute, strategic-level, dive into what you want and why.

At the end of the workshop, you will find the simplest thing you can do for the least cost and biggest impact to create improvement in your company.

Build your tech

We become your plug-in tech team, thinking strategically from CTO and Technical Director level - to implementation through Design, Build, Tech Infrastructure and robust Project Management. We can even help with R&D tax credits.

All of our developers are in-house and in the UK.

At some point you'll want the security and flexibility of having an in-house tech team. We help onboard that team and even help you hire and train them. If appropriate, we can also stay on as advisors or additional outsource resource.
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Experience us in 90-minutes,
at no cost

"Holy shit. I just had a meeting which may be the best time I have ever spent. Like actually transformational. I'm so excited."

Jamie Klinger
Incite Global

Many founders have independently said The Tech Bootcamp™ Workshop is “like therapy”. Starting this way ensures we all focus on your business improvement, not just the technology. Which means that you get what you need, not what we want to sell you.

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