Role Filled: Junior Web Developer

Tom Kirby

Please note this role has now been filled.

Role: Junior Web Developer 
Salary: up to £30k (depending on experience & aptitude) + benefits

The role is full time, permanent & fully remote.

Are you looking for the next step in your career? Do you want to find an employer that cares about you, their customers and the way they do things? Do you want to be part of a talented team that is full of good energy?

We’re looking for a dependable, open and highly motivated developer to join our small, fully remote, team.

The Tech Dept believes in equal opportunity for all. We are keen to attract candidates from a range of backgrounds and seeking to increase the diversity of our team. We welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds and sections of the community.

Please note this role has now been filled.

About you

If you like to learn new things while sharing what you have learnt with others, we should talk. This is a web developer role and will mean working with a range of tools and languages. As a developer you should expect to solve problems every day. 

We are not looking for platform evangelists or language zealots. For us, the important part of any programming is about the result and making sure it delivers what was agreed. We strive for secure, dependable code which does the best possible job, on time and on budget. We also love coding, optimising, creating and problem solving and want to work with people who feel the same!

Our Values

Our values are more important than any technical skill or career experiences you have had. They will form part of your 3 month review and ongoing quarterly Personal Development Plan (so please don’t BS about them): 

Open: Ditch your ego, because maybe they’re right. Steal from the world, read and rewire your brain. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got” – Henry Ford.

Honest: Live with integrity – the same on the inside as outside – so say what you think. Tell the truth, first to yourself. Care personally & challenge directly. Embrace reality & deal with it.

Caring: Give service to others. Help out. Listen with empathy. And when we say Listen, don’t just scan for keywords – focus and really listen. What are they really trying to say? 

Can-do: Look for what you can do, not what you can’t. Be positive, be definite, take action, kickstart momentum. Focus on progress not perfection. Keep a positive focus.

Reliable: Take responsibility. Own it. Your word is your bond. If you say you will do it, do it – always. Your reputation can disappear in an instant.

Playful: Keep a sense of humour. Trust your inner child – maybe that daft suggestion is the best idea. Bring good energy. Life is an adventure! 

About the role 

The role includes both front-end and back-end programming, from the raw HTML through to the backend APIs and cloud services. 

We primarily code back-end services with .NET Core, C#, ASP.Net Core. But we are not a pure Microsoft development team. Front end is most often Angular or React and we prefer Typescript to Javascript, for example. You should feel confident with internet standards as well as understand the basics of web services and APIs. 

We are cloud focused and these are examples of what we create:

  • Highly functional websites
  • Mobile first and user experience focused designs
  • Custom APIs
  • Content management tools
  • eCommerce sites
  • CRMs
  • Digital Content Management Platforms
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Cloud connected Mobile Apps

Our day-to-day project work is creating custom web technology, web sites and web applications.

You will support projects (appropriate for your skill level) by: 

  • Coding C# ASP.NET web applications
  • Working on Angular and Typescript front end applications
  • Editing and updating front end HTML and CSS
  • Working along side more senior staff to both learn from them and help with their workload
  • Working in other areas that may interest you (we want you to grow and learn with us!)

You need to be:

  • A proactive and clear communicator, both written and verbal 
  • Extremely organised, always following through on promises
  • Pragmatic, positive and keen to learn

As we’re fully remote you can work from anywhere, as long as you get your tasks done and communicate clearly. We’ve found that remote works for us incredibly well. Proactive communications with the team will be the key to your success. We have regular meet ups in person and no one feels out on a limb. 

Ongoing training and development is part of our culture and everyday life. We have monthly team training on specific topics, but believe the best way to learn is on the job – being challenged to solve real world problems alongside more experienced team members. We all support each other without ego or internal politics. Speak freely! You can probably teach us a thing or two.

Benefits include:

  • Fully remote office: work from anywhere 
  • Laptop, monitor + other home office essentials
  • Tax free working from home allowance 
  • Vitality Health insurance 
  • 25 days holiday, plus 3 additional days between Christmas and New Year
  • Quarterly team days out 
  • Monthly team training 
  • Quarterly personal development plan 
  • Innovative, entrepreneurial and open culture 

About us 

We’ve been going since 2004 but this year is shaping up to be our most exciting since then with some fantastic new clients coming on board. 

We’re proud that during lockdowns we did not have to furlough or lose a single member of staff. In fact we added to our team. We are a tight group and this is a great company to work for – all but our newest hires have been at The Tech Dept for 3 years or more, and some are now into a decade. 

We focus on helping business owners do things better, to continuously improve their company. This approach works. As a result we’re winning new business, and hiring.

In summer 2020, after 16 years of having an office in central Sheffield, we went fully remote and ditched the office entirely – with no plan to return. This got a lot of press locally and resulted in us being featured on national ITV News. Our team loves the flexibility, the lack of commute and the reduction in office ‘noise’. This doesn’t mean we don’t see each other – we speak as a group every morning and have quarterly days out where we meet for the afternoon and evening. 

Our move to be fully remote was helped by our extremely open culture – which we have nurtured for years – where we can share thoughts and opinions candidly with no judgement. You can leave any “fake” LinkedIn persona behind you.

Our aim is to create a company that is a joy to buy from and work for. 

We take your wellbeing and mental health seriously, so much so that we were the co-founders of a wellbeing festival:

We’ve won numerous awards over the years (e.g. being listed in the top 100 agencies in the UK) and work with clients – big and small – who share our approach to life and work. Our unique process, The Tech Bootcamp™, was featured in the Parliamentary Review of digital best practice:

Equality Statement

The Tech Dept believes in equal opportunity for all. We are keen to attract candidates from a range of backgrounds and seeking to increase the diversity of our team. We welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds and sections of the community.

Every individual at The Tech Dept is respected, encouraged to be themselves, and able to succeed on merit. We treat everyone fairly, recognising that people are different and that their needs are met in different ways.

Ultimately, we want every member of our team to achieve their potential – free from any barriers, prejudice, or unlawful discrimination. We are also committed against any prejudice or unlawful discrimination of (or by) our customers, suppliers and partners. 


Please note this role has now been filled.