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We boost your business growth with custom-made technology and then help you recoup the investment.

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You've got ideas.
We make them real.

You're building a business and have ideas for innovative new ways of doing things. You'll need new technology to make these ideas happen. Get it right and you could shake up your industry. But just how do you do it?

Our unique process, The Tech Bootcamp™, allows us to quickly create a plan, build your new technology, measure the return on investment and continuously improve it.

This means improved growth, profits and customer experience. We’ve helped our clients grow 100s of %.
And because our work is bespoke we could help you recoup part of your investment through R&D tax credits.

Here's how it works

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We only work with a limited number of business owners and their teams. It’s important we share a mindset because we want to work with you for the long term. So let's talk.

Get on The Tech Bootcamp™

We have a proven process which allows us to tell you exactly how to make your ideas real. We will run this initial process free of charge, if you qualify (value £5,000)


Based on what you need and why, we create custom-made software and technology solutions, all quoted in advance. These always aim to boost growth and profit. Some of our clients have grown 100s of % within months of working with us.


We always transparently track your return on investment. What's more, because our work is bespoke it may eligible for R&D tax credits. This means you could recoup up to 33% of your investment.


You will need to continuously improve your technology, like you would continuously improve your business. We lead this with you.
Post It - More Sales

Why choose us?

  • We specialise in working with ambitious small business owners (people like us)

  • We have a proven, award-winning, process

  • We're focused on your long-term business improvement, not flogging you our preferred technology solution

  • We're a close knit in-house team who will build your technology

  • We've been doing this for 18 years

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“The Tech Dept don't make me feel stupid because they get what I'm trying to achieve - the final outcome, rather than just thinking about the tech. They do what we need on a long-term strategic level."

Helen O'Donnell
Children's University

We cut our teeth on the biggest brands

“We wouldn’t have had another record-breaking year without you. Fact”

BBC Children in Need,
Head of Digital

For years we built custom technology and innovation projects for big companies – like BBC Children in Need, BAE Systems and John Lewis – but decided we’d rather help people like us: ambitious small business owners.

Working with entrepreneurs and their teams to create positive change is the thing we love most.

Learn more about us here.

“I need to solve tech problems in a stepping stone fashion for potentially decades to come. At each step of the way I see me investing in The Tech Dept. It’s the reassurance that I've got talented, trusted, amazing tech minds behind me, my vision and my business."

Image of Matt Kay
Matt Kay

"We’ve now found someone with expertise and we’re happy with and we’ve got a long-term relationship with. I would definitely recommend you. Without a doubt."

David Brassey
Amrita Nutrition

We want to stop you pissing your money away

Tech people, consultants and digital agencies can often be really annoying. Especially for small business owners. Often you’re seen as easy pickings, or as a stepping stone to work for a bigger company. Techies can talk down to you and nobody likes spending money with a consultant.

We worked with all the biggest companies but have chosen to work with people like us, ambitious small business owners. Why? Because it's real.

Our process - The Tech Bootcamp™ - is designed to help you invest wisely. We want to play a long term game: if you win, we win.

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  • You’ve got an innovative idea but don’t know who to turn to

  • You’ve had your fingers burned by techies

  • It all seems so expensive

  • All your software and technology doesn’t work well together

  • Will you ever get these damn ideas done?

  • Feeling pressure from competitors

  • You’ve got a long term partner who makes your tech ideas real

  • Technology solutions made exactly how you like to work

  • There’s a clear process that shows the return on investment

  • You're proven right

  • Because the work we do is bespoke, you could recoup part of your investment through R&D tax credits

How it works