The Tech Dept Podcast Network

We want to help people like us – ambitious founders trying to do good @ scale – with our podcast network.

Back in 2017 our business hit trouble. It all went wrong and it was our fault.

We turned it around, and learnt a lot.

So Dan Kirby, our co-founder, is interviewing top entrepreneurs to discover what they learnt from their most challenging times. 

If you want lame motivational quotes or unblinking certainty this is not the podcast for you. We get into the raw, the unfiltered, the real. These stories are like a doctoral degree in applied entrepreneurship.

Within 48 hours it was #2 in the Apple Podcast Entrepreneurship charts. We are now in the top 2.5% of all global podcasts with listeners in 44 countries.

Guests have included Dan Sullivan (the world's #1 entrepreneurial coach), Debbie Wosskow OBE (pioneering female founder and activist), and Geoff Heath OBE (John Lennon and Paul McCartney's old boss - a world exclusive interview).

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Do you experience strong intuition, urgency, creativity? But also chase shiny objects, feel imposter syndrome, lack focus?

You’re a Quick Start Founder. Like us.

Joseph Pack, our Director of Growth – and multiple time founder – interviews entrepreneurs and mental health experts to help you harness the power of a “quick start” mind - and avoid the self sabotage.

Having been diagnosed with ADHD Joseph has learned how to manage it 100% drug-free.

He is now an influencer in that space with his newsletter Drug Free ADHD (which was recently featured in the Daily Mail).

Dan's Book Club

Dan, our co-founder and CEO, is a voracious reader and he's been sharing his favourite insights in a weekly book review.

Covering works such as Essentialism, Atomic Habits and The Gap & The Gain, Dan shares how these books have helped him run The Tech Dept - and pulls out specific ideas you can apply to your work-life right now.

Coming Soon: The MVP Show

Rick Grundy (co-founder & CTO) and Joseph Pack explore how you can best build your MVP. 

We answer startup founders' most pressing questions - all about how to take your product from idea to MVP without cocking it up.

Previous media projects

Getahead Festival

In 2018, we co-created the world’s first 24-hour mental health festival with the mission to positively impact a billion people in the next 25 years.

Read Dan's original Getahead Mindset Manifesto.

The Tech Off

We created The Tech Off - “the lovechild of TED talks and WWE” - where the best tech talent fought over a battle of ideas. 

The Tech Off became an international event, travelling to SXSW in Texas and Cannes Lions. 

You can read about ‘A Year in the Life of The Tech Off’ on our old blog. 

The Tech Off - The Movie

Our event The Tech Off was born out of ‘play’, of seeing what we could get away with. The answer? Anything and everything. 

The irony was, the more outrageous we made it, the more people wanted to attend and include it at their conferences to spice things up a bit. 

To be honest, it all got a bit out of hand. 

A BAFTA-winning director even thought it had legs to become a feature film so a movie trailer was made.

Read all about it on our old blog and watch the trailer, filmed at SXSW and DMX Dublin in 2017.