Doubled website traffic and increased sales by 30%

We deal with many digital providers. You're one of the best. It’s reassuring that five years in and I’m not even thinking about going to another supplier.

Jonathan Fish, Head of Marketing

The problems Chatsworth House faced before hiring us

People weren’t buying tickets online. The process was confusing. And their digital presence wasn’t what they wanted.

The site wasn’t mobile optimised and the CMS was poor and difficult to use. Causing a poor UX and a laborious process for the team to keep the site updated.

Their previous supplier had annoyed them sufficiently that they were looking for a new supplier

And to top it off, The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire didn’t like the look of the site.

That’s where we come in.

What we did for them

We designed and built a brand new website focused around the visitor. Previously, the site focused on the story of Chatsworth House. Which is fine, but it wasn’t customer focused at all and they paid for that with low online ticket sales.

The site is now easy to navigate. And promotes all of the core features of a visit to Chatsworth House: the farmyard, gardens, restaurants, cafes, farm shop and the house itself.

New easy to navigate navbar

We briefed photographers on how the photos should look. To focus on the beautiful features of the house. We swapped photos of 17th century dresses, on the old site, to photos of kids playing at the farmyard and families’ enjoying time in the gardens.

After years with a non-mobile site, we immediately responsively optimised it to work across any device. 

The CMS is now extremely easy to use and the client has full control over it. It also integrates with their ticketing system to encourage people to pay online (the key purpose of the site). It’s also well optimised for SEO performance - essential for growing online ticket sales.

Chatsworth is often featured on the TV, so the site needs to be able to deal with high spikes of traffic.

We’ve automated the transfer of signups into their marketing software. Saving one employee a day a week of manually updating the software.

And we’ve continued to work with them to innovate the customer experience. We built an interactive map that customers use while they walk around the house. They can even book a table at the restaurant from their phone while enjoying the farmyard, gardens, house and other shops. All this increases customer experience, referrals and ticket bookings.

Our work with Chatsworth House has been so successful they asked us to build an ecommerce offering for the Chatsworth Farm Shop, which significantly exceeded their first year targets.

"The site looks fantastic. It’s really clean. Really clear. Classic style to it that I can’t see dating in the future. It stems from the understanding you guys have of what we do. From listening to what we say - certain companies have distinct ideas of design they want to impose rather than listening - but you don’t do that. You listen and build what we want." - Jonathan Fish, Head of Marketing at Chatsworth House


  • Doubled traffic
  • 30% increase in first year online ticket sales
  • Better information on their visitors. We fixed their Google Analytics due to errors from previous agency
  • Saved them time through marketing automation and easy to use CMS

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